Are you an entrepreneur trying to build a sustainable business?

Are you looking for support and insight from others who have been there before?

What is Two Feet?

Two Feet is an accelerator developed by The Difference Incubator (TDi) for enterprises looking to do good and make money.Two Feet has been built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and addresses some of the key barriers that mission-led organisations often face: developing a sustainable business model, growing a strong team and management, understanding investment and other funding options and measuring social outcomes to ensure your good intentions are producing reliable outcomes.


Over a period of three months, you will take part in a series of intensive workshops where you will be supported and empowered to gain clarity on your mission, refine your business model, equip your leadership team, and build the networks that you need to succeed. We will work side-by-side challenging, equipping, and connecting you so you can stand on your own two feet.


Our team is deeply passionate about building sustainable enterprises that create positive change. This means that we are committed to doing what it takes to help make your vision a reality, even if this means having honest and sometimes tough conversations. Throughout this program, we will honestly and continuously challenge your assumptions and solutions to make sure that you have the strongest foundation from which you can sustainably grow.


Since we aren’t going to be running your organisation for you, we want you to leave our accelerator with the tools you need to succeed. To do this we will work with you to identify key knowledge gaps that you and your team might have that are blocking you from achieving your vision. We then work with you to identify the skills and tools you need to overcome these blocks and teach you how to use them both now, and as you continue to grow in the future.


Being an entrepreneur can often be isolating and hard, and it can be even harder when you don’t have the connections you need to take your enterprise to the next level. TDi is one of the pioneering organisations in the field of blended-value (both profit and purpose) enterprises and has extensive connections in this space. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to both connect with like-minded peers who will be part of your cohort and to utilise our connections for mentorship and support.

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Location & Key Dates 2019

Two Feet will be running in Melbourne starting at the end of May 2019. Eight full-day workshops will be run in two day blocks (Thursday and Friday) between May and August and with 6 hours of coaching sessions  scheduled with the individual participants once the program starts.

Costs and How to Apply

The cost of Two Feet is $4750 + GST per organisation. Each organisation can bring up to two participants/founders. This program is subsidised by TDi to make it as accessible as possible.If you are interested in applying, please click on the button below to send us a few details about yourself. We will then organise for a virtual or face to face chat to answer your questions and for us ensure the program is right for you and your goals. We want this to be one of best investments in yourself and your business that you will ever make!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please get in contact with us if you have further questions not addressed here. Did we tell you we love coffee?

Two Feet is run in intensive face-to-face workshop blocks of 2 days over four months (8 days in total). 6 hours of one-to-one coaching sessions are scheduled in between and in a flow worked out between you and your TDi coach. During the group intensives you will be introduced to frameworks, tools, and real-life examples to challenge and equip you to run a sustainable business. You will also have time to reflect, apply and learn from others passionate and talented entrepreneurs in your cohort.

Our cohorts are relatively small, meaning there will be on average 7-10 businesses in the cohort with one facilitator. There will be time in the session to work with the facilitators on specific business issues and to gain feedback and we find the coaching sessions are the cherry on top.

We think lots! Over the course of Two Feet you will be introduced to numerous tools and frameworks to challenge your thinking around your business model and social impact; tools that you will be able to continue to use as you business grows.

We focus on four key elements required for a sustainable blended-value business. A blended-value business has:

  1. A clearly articulated mission,
  2. A commercially viable model,
  3. A capable and passionate management team, and
  4. The ability to measure whether they are achieving their social outcomes.

Two Feet is designed to provide the frameworks and support to grapple with these in your own business, to know which needs the most focus and to validate your strengths and assets. Each session is a mixture of education, peer learning, hearing from industry leaders, exploring case studies and time to work on your own and get feedback.

We cover the core content below, but are flexible and will adapt with the group needs:


Theory of Change
Social Outcomes Measurement


Business Modelling
Customer focus and value proposition
Piloting and prototyping
Business Finance and Investment 101


Governance and reporting
Team development

Throughout, we introduce you to resources and people who will further your learning and network. You will also learn from entrepreneurs who have been there before and who will share their journey with you as well from the peers in your cohort; some say this is the most valuable part of Two Feet!

You will be required to attend the majority of the intensive workshops and coaching sessions (so roughly 8.5 days of contact all together), plus there will be many things that you will want to do and find out outside of Two Feet. We find that businesses who dedicate a small amount of time outside the Two Feet sessions get better outcomes. At the end of the day, it’s your business and it is up to you how much time you dedicate outside the sessions!

Many people say that when they join Two Feet, it’s like finding ‘their tribe’! People who are equally focused on their business and their impact and have a similar mindset. Saying that, the cohort is made up of people from all walks of life and from very different businesses and we work hard to find the right balance of people and businesses through our selection process. Your cohort peers won’t be all like you and that’s a good thing; you will value the different perspectives they will bring to your business.

Similar to how we assess a business that can deliver blended value, we also use these lenses to understand if an entrepreneur is the right fit for our program.  

We think Two Feet is for you if:


You have researched and grappled enough with the context, assumptions and problem you are trying to solve for so that you understand some of the key elements or opportunities you can influence.  

You want to use a commercial model to pursue this opportunity, see how impact can be integrated into your model and are open to exploring different solutions to land on the best outcome.  


Your model has legs! It is more than just an assortment of ideas and has been exposed to customers either through validation/testing, prototypes or sales that are generating revenue.

You have a plan for moving beyond startup or can see potential for how this can be replicated or scaled in the future and just need support and structure to get there. 


You are a decision-maker or at least have the influence within your business to move things forward as the program progresses and have the proactive and action-focused disposition to match. 

You have the time, capacity and resources to commit to working on the business both in and out of sessions and are open to being challenged on your ideas, approach and model. We are likely to unearth areas that you didn’t know you didn’t know and will spend a lot of time in experimentation and messy stages before you are likely reach clarity… and you need to be OK with this. 

Still not sure? Give us a call and let’s talk about it! 

Yes! Many not-for-profits have been through Two Feet and we work with many as a part of our broader work at TDi. A couple of things to note- we actually don’t really mind if you are structured as a for-profit or not-for-profit as long as it makes sense to your mission and model. If you are trying to setup a social enterprise within an existing not-for-profit, we recognise you have challenges that are different to someone starting up alone. Regardless, we’ve found that the majority of the challenges are shared; figuring out a sustainable business model, knowing where to focus and what to prioritise and deeply understanding your mission (and how it fits into the broader mission of the organisation) and how to measure to know you are on the right track.

The goal of an accelerator is to help entrepreneurs and enterprises work through approximately two years of business building in a few months. We like to think of it as ‘slowing down to speed up’. At the end of our accelerator you will know where your business stands, and what the next steps need to be, and how to resources these steps. You will also gain a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners, broader networks, confidence in your strengths and gaps and ability to communicate and pitch your business like a pro.

Subsidised places in Two Feet 2019 cost $4750 + GST per organisation (up to two participants)

The cost of this program is subsidised by TDi to make it as accessible as possible. The full cost of the program is $9000 per enterprise. Payment plans are also available.

We know that this can feel like a big decision, so if there is anything you are unsure about we encourage you to book in a coffee or have a quick chat with our Two Feet team consultants. Email us:

You can also chat with our Two Feet alumni to hear about their first-hand experiences in the program, simply contact us and we will make the introduction.

To maintain the quality of the program, and to provide tailored support to each enterprise, we have a max of two participants per organisation. If needed please talk to us about larger teams as we can be flexible depending on the final size of the cohort.

The Difference Incubator is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to awaken the possibilities of both doing good and making money, by returning to the roots of business.

We believe that the best way to empower you to build a sustainable mission-led enterprise is to equip you with the tools and support you need to succeed.

And while other accelerators might not charge, they often take equity in your business as a type of payment for the support and networks they provide. Others are reliant on external funding from government or philanthropy to run their programs, which can be challenge to sustain in the long-term.

Having a fee-for-service model puts us in a unique position where we can encourage you to focus on both your mission and your business model, without the incentive of needing to get a financial return on our investment we’ve made into your business. Furthermore, we also believe ‘skin in the game’ leads to better outcomes.

There are pros and cons with these different approaches and models, but as a mission-led enterprise ourselves we believe this is the best model to sustainably offer quality support and training to mission-led enterprises and entrepreneurs. We also have the ability to be open about our own challenges of running a purpose-driven business and use ourselves as an example in our workshops!

The cost of Two Feet is already heavily subsidised by TDi, but we understand the cost can still be prohibitive for some.

We also offer payment plans and happy to discuss this with you. We can also support you with any grants you might apply for to cover the cost of the program

Sure do! We welcome you to reach out to any of our alumni or we can facilitate the connections.

“I joined Two Feet to give Little Delish the structure and support it needed to grow. Our biggest challenge has been refining our impact model to something that works for us, and creates big impact as we scale. The mentorship I received in Two Feet put Little Delish on the right path, and helped me to build a strong theory of change model that sits naturally within the business.” – Hayley Dunne, Little Delish

I joined Two Feet because I knew I had an idea that could help people, but I was unsure how to bring it all together into a package that could have the impact I wanted it to have.”Simone McLaughlin, Jobs Shared

If you are a business wanting to have a positive impact in the world and do so sustainably, I cannot recommend TDi highly enough to support you on your journey.” – Bianca Crocker, Fish Community Solutions

“The crew from Two Feet have helped me to take my passion and turn it into a comprehensive business model that will help make a difference in the lives of vulnerable young people.” Ange Boyd, Pyxis Australia

Two feet has set the benchmark for accelerator programs!” Jean Darling, Commune + Co

“The Two Feet program enabled our team, with diverse experience, to deepen our connections with each other and our enterprise, and become very clear about why and what we were doing, both individually and collectively.” – Marina James, Feathersome

“TDI, Two Feet and the people involved have been crucial in Farmwall’s early stage development.” – Geert Hendrix, Farmwall

Often it’s hard to get the right input early in your journey as a start-up. Two Feet is the perfect foundation on which to design and build your enterprise.

What is Two Feet?

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Refugee Talent

From refining your intention, to articulating your value proposition, to investment and finance fundamentals, the Two Feet program offers a solid curriculum for start-ups to establish the key foundations for successful and sustainable business.
     For start-ups, it is vital that they can stand on their own two feet in business as quickly as possible. Start-up Refugee Talent was born only months before joining Two Feet; co-founders Nirary Dacho and Anna Robson approached TDi’s Two Feet program in their very early days, seeking guidance to develop and grow their enterprise idea.
     “The sessions taught us about different aspects of a business such as branding, marketing and governance, and helped us to work and build on each of these in Refugee Talent as we went through the program”, Anna says.

     Refugee Talent is a social enterprise and online platform that matches refugees who are looking for work, with local companies offering positions and opportunities. They run ‘speed dating’ style events where refugees and employers are connected. Refugee Talent are helping refugees gain meaningful employment and are enabling people to use their skills and experience to be financially independent and empowered. On the flip side, the businesses that hire through Refugee Talent are increasing their diversity.
     Anna says, “there are many different aspects to running a social enterprise and the Two Feet program covers all the important functions you need to be successful. I would highly recommend the Two Feet program to any social enterprise looking to grow”.
     Refugee Talent grew massively through the Two Feet program and took on investment.

When you’re a few years in and your business is growing it’s great to be able to connect with like-minded people and get input on what to do next as you take your business to the next level.

Yevu Clothing

When YEVU joined the Two Feet program in 2016 they had already been operational for three years. Founder Anna Robertson was looking for greater exposure to the social sector in Australia and was attracted to the Two Feet program’s balance of business and social impact, “I craved being around like-minded enterprises that were purpose driven”.
     The Two Feet program is first and foremost, a community. For the duration of six months each enterprise is part of a close-knit cohort. Anna says, “running a social enterprise can be isolating, sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing, you make it up as you go. So being around other people that are doing similar things or are in a similar situation, because my industry is quite different, has been really rewarding”.
     YEVU is a clothing line produced entirely in Ghana, West Africa.

The social enterprise focuses on economically empowering disadvantaged small businesses and people in Ghana by creating full time, reliable jobs and sustainable income. This is directly helping to address urban poverty in Accra, Ghana's capital. YEVU place a high emphasis on professional development, focusing on capacity building with their teams in both the technical and creative processes that are behind their line. We love what they do.
     Despite YEVU not being a start up, and having years of operational experience on hand, Two Feet was beneficial to the enterprise.
     “I think it’s helped me create a roadmap for the future, as cliché as that sounds, it’s guided me to know what I need to be doing to be sustainable and sound, and a healthy profit for purpose business”.

With changing funding environments and ever-evolving markets, sometimes what once worked for your business just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whether you’re seeking alternate revenue streams or just need help to think differently about the sustainability of your business, Two Feet can help.


Youthworx joined the Two Feet program as a well-established business with almost a decade behind them. Despite already having many successes, the enterprise was ready to re-jig its business model to ensure long-term sustainability.
     Manager Jon Staley says, “it is very tough and at times lonely building an enterprise from scratch and sometimes you need to stand back and re-connect with the bigger picture of why you are doing it and also find new tools to move forward.”
     Two Feet was an opportunity for Youthworx to step back, find new tools, connect with others tackling similar questions and reconnect with the big picture.
     The program contributed to the Youth-worx team re-modelling their business infrastructure to create some new roles and re-shape their existing roles

Jon says, “I anticipate that this will help us grow significantly over the next three to five years”.
     Youthworx is an enterprise based in Melbourne that trains and employs young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in creative and commercial film and radio production. The enterprise are providing highly engaging training as well as meaningful employment opportunities, creating sustainable career paths for the young people in their programs.
     Two Feet is an accelerator for businesses at all stages of development, Jon found that the program helped to keep him hungry, engaged and connected with his business, and asking the right questions.