localising entrepreneurial support

Addressing equity, power and privilege in
economic development and our entrepreneurial ecosystems

Entrepreneurial programs are rarely designed and run by the people they serve, despite the known benefits. We are committed to enabling more diverse local leaders, across Australia and the Pacific, to lead and shape the future of their local economies and entrepreneurial ecosystems. We are working towards a day when leaders at the grassroots, have power, knowledge and resource to support local entrepreneurs and policy makers to re-shape our economies.


Why localising entrepreneurial support?

There has been global agreement in the international development sector to shift the power to local leaders since 2005, yet only 10% of spending going to local businesses or NGOs.

This means that the wrong people have influence, power and decision-making control (including us). As a result, we miss out on:

  • local leaders designing projects and programs, that are better matched to community need, as well as culturally safe and in language
  • economic investment staying in the local area, benefiting the same communities
  • communities seeing their own people, ‘breaking through the glass ceiling’, further building greater belief, confidence and self/community-determination
  • local leaders influencing the outcome of significant investment decisions

Our Focus

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We are focused on ways to equip and empower local leaders to deliver relevant and effective support that helps local economies thrive.

We work in partnership with local organisations and within international economic development programs to strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem so that it can become locally led.

Our work is primarily with grassroots organisations and individuals with a strong commitment to a more inclusive, regenerative economy. We partner with them to grow their capability in business accelerators and business coaching and to amplify their voice.

Four principles guide our approach:

We're clear on the end goal

For power, decision-making, and funding to sit with local leaders while TDi transitions out of the program and local area. We are uncompromising in this, otherwise we risk maintaining the status quo..

Partnerships need to be created from a position of invitation and mutual learning

Whilst capability building may be needed by the local partner, it cannot come from a deficit view. We recognise we’ll learn from each other, respecting the unique gifts and talents of all our partners..

We champion the skills and talents of local leaders

Local people must be the ones to solve local problems. To help correct the unconscious bias that exists in funders and policy makers, we champion the skills and talents of local leaders who have both insight and expertise.

We're committed to ongoing learning

We reflect with partners regularly on our approach, to ensure we are continually learning. We are open, vulnerable and honest, and we’re committed to remaining agile as we design and implement projects and programs.

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