locally-led regenerative economies

Experimenting and learning our way to a more regenerative and inclusive economy, together.

Local economies are often over looked and undervalued in the power they have to create and direct their own economic futures. 

We partner with local leaders and organisations to explore all that a community has at its disposal to redirect a local economy. We design and create responses to strengthen existing business and entrepreneurial environment and cultivate new environments.

We believe economic participation is an enabler for a range of positive individual & societal outcomes, including physical & mental health, wellbeing, community connectedness, and increased economic independence

Our goal is sustained community prosperity, achieved by utilising local assets to create business, jobs and potential new industries, with people and planet at the heart.

Why locally-led regenerative economies?

Our current economic system isn’t built to share prosperity. Decades of wealth creation has been concentrated with a small minority of shareholders as inequality continues to grow.

Today many Australian communities are experiencing economic transitions with limited tools or successful roadmaps. These transitions include moving away from emission intensive industries, manufacturing that was once the life blood of communities leaving creating unemployment, and communities severely affected by natural disasters.

What would it look like for local leaders to feel empowered, to take back control, understand their local assets and drive for real local economic change that lifts ‘all boats’ and protects our planet? What is the role of business and finance, cross-sector collaboration, policy and regulation? And how could this be locally led? These are some of the questions we are actively asking as we embark on this work.

Our Focus

This is a new area of focus for TDi, drawing on the culmination of much of our previous work and thinking. This work will be in partnership with other localised place-based activities. Our focus is on building local capability and confidence, with the goal being long term community wealth and prosperity, through leveraging local assets to create business, local jobs and possibly new industries.

We will focus on a collaborative approach, bridge-building between local actors in place, including government, NFPs, business and anchor institutions. A facilitated process allows all players to bring their skills and capability to the table to imagine a shared future together.

What would it look like for:


  • Local leaders to feel empowered to take back control,
  • Local economic players to understand their local assets and drive for real local sustainable change?
  • People to be viewed as the richest assets in a local setting?
  • New types of collaborations and ownership structures to be forged that could drive for a different future?
  • A better understanding of the current blockers for a thriving resilient local community and how these could be systematically addressed?

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