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TDi team

Anthea Smits


Anthea is committed to seeing the world transformed through innovative ideas that address issues of social justice.

Joining TDi in 2015, Annie has led the team as CEO since 2018 and over this time has has been instrumental in leading TDi’s more complex work in Australia and across the Pacific. She’s led the team through Covid and a new strategy process, and brings the passion, firsthand experience, and know-how for building sustainable organisations with strong internal culture, leadership, business models, and structures.

Annie is an impact investor and social entrepreneur, having started her first social enterprise over 20 years ago. She has commercial experience working as the National Sales Manager for the Walt Disney Company, and extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector. She ran a medium sized NFP with a focus on place-based community development and social enterprise, and also ran an impact investment fund on behalf of Urban Life Church, advising on investment opportunities for greatest impact. For 10 years Annie also sat on the board of the 2h project, a development organisation in Cambodia that runs micro-finance and social enterprise development.

Annie’s greatest superpower is her ability to straddle two worlds. She is able to sit in community contexts and deeply listen, and also influence at the board room level. She is uncompromising in her pursuit of initiatives that genuinely shift economic conditions for those who have been traditionally locked out of our economic system.

Anna Moegerlein

Deputy CEO

Anna is committed to identifying opportunities to use finance and business as a vehicle to address structural inequality.

Joining the TDi team in 2016, Anna has been Deputy CEO since 2020 and knows firsthand the challenges and privilege of running a business, and building and growing a team.  

Anna has led TDi’s Pacific work and understands the opportunities and challenges of using social enterprise and market-based approaches to create greater economic wellbeing. Her day-to-day involves designing and leading programs, running accelerators, coaching businesses, training others in method, and building strong partnerships.

Anna brings a strong commercial and impact focus to her work, has natural aptitude and experience in strategy, and is a skilled facilitator of groups. She also brings a sharp design-thinking skillset, a passion for developing people to be the best versions of themselves, and a love of working cross-culturally.

Isaac Jeffries

Accelerator Lead

Isaac is designer and builder of sustainable social enterprises: businesses with a powerful impact model, a compelling business model, and a resilient financial model.

As TDi’s first ever employee back in 2013, Isaac worked with TDi’s founder to build the business and navigate the highs and lows of being a startup social enterprise. He continues to work across most of TDi’s accelerators, coaching programs, and consulting projects.

Clients’ favourite things about this work?

  • Seeing how all of the pieces of the enterprise work together for success,
  • Guidance and reassurance from people who have seen these businesses work elsewhere,
  • Having someone ask them “ugly and beautiful questions” that highlight the tough choices and exciting opportunities that they hadn’t seen on their own.

To date, Isaac has worked with almost 1000 founders and teams on their journey to sustainability. His work with founders and leaders encompasses dreaming, developing, testing and pivoting their ideas, showing them their options, and helping them make important trade-offs with confidence.

Kristi McKenzie

Senior Consultant

Kristi is a skilled business and impact strategist and designer with a focus on customer research, user experience, marketing, branding, and product innovation.

Kristi has a proven track record in leading global technology brands and collaborating with social purpose organisations to achieve impactful growth. Known for her deep listening skills, creative imagination, and analytical acumen, she excels in crafting transformational brands and businesses.

Kristi brings a wealth of experience to the team, approaching every project with creative imagination and an analytical knack for providing clarity and direction. Her ability to deeply listen and gain insights is rooted in her extensive background as a designer and strategist.

Her diverse portfolio includes:

  • Collaborating with business leaders in technology, education, business, and social sectors across Australia, Japan, Europe, and North America.
  • Building robust brands ranging from start-ups to multinational organizations.
  • Working alongside INGOs, social enterprises, and community groups to enhance their storytelling skills, brand, and content strategies for achieving impact and financial growth.

Bree Morel

Communications Coordinator

The quiet force behind TDi’s online presence, Bree’s background is a blend of deep commitment to community, and a willingness to give anything and everything a go, all driven by her talent for crafting the right words and visuals to tell the story of the moment.

With experience across a variety of sectors, and a diversity of communities, Bree brings a grounded and people-focussed perspective to her work. Her creative acumen across design and communication is balanced with a practical approach and keen eye for detail.

Bree’s diverse experience includes community engagement: with students, at-risk youth and young adults, families, and most recently in elder-care. With a history of challenging the status quo, Bree has been engaged in professional advocacy, including engaging with government and community stakeholders, and also has experience in –and a passion for– regenerative food systems that care for people and planet.

meet the

TDi associates


Kylie-Lee Bradford

Born in the small community of Patonga NT, Kylie-Lee is a proud Murrumburr woman from Kakadu National Park. Balancing both Western and Indigenous business models, Kylie-Lee is passionate about opening up opportunities for Indigenous women entrepreneurs and start-ups in rural areas, and providing access to ongoing mentoring and support.

Julliane Terry

Julliane was born in Goroka, and has worked and reside in LAE for over 20 years. In July 2017 Julliane started Tok Stret Consulting, a Training and Development Company working with SME, Corporate, Multinational and Land Owners. In Aug 2020 started the LAE SME Incubator Hub to improve and grow MSME.
Julliane is passionate about people improvement and PNG.

Mari Elingson

Marianna Ellingson has over 40 years of national and international professional experience in the public and private sectors in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and graduate program internship in the United States.

She has been in executive management and leadership roles for more than 25 years especially in the area of cross sector policy development and formulation, strategic planning, foreign aid management, and tourism, arts and culture concerns. 

Mary Handen

Mary was born and raised in PNG. An Accountant by profession, Mary has 35 plus years of experience serving in and climbing the corporate ladder abroad and in PNG.

Currently an Entrepreneur, she is the Managing Director of Jedjays Limited, a provider of clean and sustainable energy through distribution of home solar systems.

She provides mentoring and coaching to women SMEs, sharing her experience and knowledge as part of her passion to impact lives of others.

Rebekah Ilave

Rebekah co-founded the education technology start-up Niunet PNG, and is now a project manager with youth development organization The Voice Inc. She has enjoyed a varied career over the last 8 years as an employee, a business owner and a freelancer. Rebekah has managed contractors and programs, reported against KPIs, raised funding, built partnerships, and delivered projects.

Kate Wilson

Kate is an intuitive mindset coach and mentor. She works with change-makers, founders and CEOs of all shapes and sizes to recapture their time, energy passion and resources. She helps them to reclaim their time, energy, money and passion and reimagine how to deeply resource themselves and their businesses for success. To make more money AND do more good in the world. All with more ease.


our board


Corinne Proske


Corinne is the CEO of Jobsbank, and previously from Speckle Loans, where as founder and CEO she developed technology to help vulnerable consumers access fair, affordable finance.

With extensive senior experience in socially responsible banking and impact investment, Corinne managed Good Shepherd Microfinance, and at NAB was responsible for the bank’s $130 million financial inclusion programs.

Corinne is currently a Director of the Catholic Development Fund Melbourne, active member of the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative and an expert panel member of the Impact Investment Australia’s Growth Grants. Recognised by ASIC for her work on financial literacy in 2013, Corinne is also a recipient on a Churchill Fellowship.

Doug Faircloth

Doug is the Managing Director of Verso Consulting. He designs project methodologies, provides team leadership and maintains client liaison. Doug contributes a creativity and reflective perspective to community consultations, market research, service reviews and innovative service models.

Doug has a broad background in community capacity building and social entrepreneurial activities in the not-for-profit sector. He has practical experience in youth and welfare services as practitioner working directly with young people from diverse backgrounds. Doug is the a Director of the following:

  • The Carer’s Phone: The Carer’s Phone is a community aged care service provider (trading as Prompt Care).
  • The Carer’s Phone Thailand: The Carer’s Phone Thailand is software developer.
  • Urbanlife Church: Urbanlife is engaged in community development and impact investing.

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