Reconciliation Action Plan

From our CEO

“I am proud to support and stand behind TDi’s journey towards a Reconciliation Action Plan, and to be more formally, intentionally and collaboratively working with First Nations peoples of Australia to create a harmonious and prosperous Australia for all.

Future generations will be the ones to inherit the decisions we make today, and I want our children and our children’s children to grow up in an Australia that has worked to heal wounds of the past, that has recognised the shared history that First Nations peoples have experienced, and that is working productively and respectfully to build a harmonious and fair future for all.

Here at TDi we have a deep driving belief in all that we do that businesses, when designed well, can be powerful agents for good. Part of our mission to help bring this to life is to support businesses to reclaim their mandate to not only create wealth and economic sustainability, which is of course a necessity, but to also encourage them to use their privilege and position to be an agent for positive social and environmental change.

We are especially looking forward to be opening a deeper conversation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to share learnings, and to learn how to best stand beside them as they speak their truth, and envisage their future, and are excited to offer what we can to help create a more unified, and empowered community of peoples across Australia.”

Our Journey to Date

In 2017 we began a partnership with Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) to deliver Accelerate with IBA – an early-stage accelerator for Australian Indigenous entrepreneurs. This provided a rare opportunity to support and partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners to strengthen their businesses. Many Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander business owners have had negative experiences working with non- Indigenous consultants and the business and finance sector. We wanted to create a space where participants could tell their own story, use their own definitions of success, social enterprise and build business on their own terms. Our aim is to support Australian Indigenous and Torres Straight Islander entrepreneurs to reclaim entrepreneurship, for themselves, and to dismantle some of the barriers they face in growing their businesses.

Meet the artist: Casey Coolwell-Fisher

Casey Coolwell-Fisher is a Nunukul woman of the Quandamooka people from Minjerribah/Terranjeri (North Stradbroke Island). 

Casey has a creative background in Graphic Design and is co-founder, along side her husband Roy Fisher, of CHABOO, a home decor and design business specialising in hand painted Aboriginal art on wooden products, Graphic Design and customised murals. 

This is one of the deep relationships that we have built, and we are so grateful that Casey has walked the path with us. 

About the artwork: 

Learning from our Connections, by Casey Coolwell-Fisher 

“We all live, learn and communicate differently. 

This artwork represents different communities learning from one another and maintaining a strong connection through the knowledge shared. 

The connecting communities are represented in the circle motifs, with different community members around each circle. 

The linking lines and dots are the travels we make to create a connection and the footprints we make on these journeys. 

The outer two curved lines signify water, our life source, and the natural flow of forming relationships. 

The inner dots represent the knowledge being shared amongst all of the communities and the line work are the tracks being made. 

The outer dots are the stories, knowledge and wisdom being shared out into the wider communities.”

Download and view TDi’s Reflect RAP here


The TDi team acknowledges that we work, live and play on Aboriginal land, our offices are located on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and we pay respect to their elders past present and future. Where ever our work takes us, we acknowledge the traditional land owners and pay our respects.


Creating more inclusive and sustainable supply chains

Offering meaningful employment to people who have been undervalued and

Offering products and services that serve the next economy and respect our planetary limits

Championing the possibility of an economy that is worthy of the human spirit and re-valuing what our western culture has lost sight of.

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