We exist to awaken the possibility of doing good and making money...

We believe every business has the potential to have a positive impact. But, this shouldn’t automatically mean that you need to compromise on financial returns. At TDi we fundamentally believe that the power of business is when you build a model that allows your social and financial returns to be aligned, we call this Blended Value.

If you’re truly passionate about making a positive change in the world, on-going grant reliance is no longer the long-term strategy the social sector once thought it was. Through our method, we seek to build better businesses with alternative, sustainable revenue streams that allow money to flow to those delivering results. Ultimately helping us crack entrenched social and environmental challenges.

By returning to the roots of business...

When you think about it, very few (if any) businesses were started to solely make money. Businesses emerge from an idea or a desire to fill a gap in the market, to improve peoples’ lives or bring a community together. 

We want to take businesses back to their roots; why do you exist? Who do you serve? And then we’ll figure out how you can financially sustain that.

In 1472 Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the oldest bank in the world, was started as a support system for the city’s poor, where they could go for quick loans to help them get back on their feet. Although it seems far from the banks we know today, the strongest examples of profit machines, actually came from a position of addressing community need.

Bringing mission into focus, strengthening the model & the team that makes it possible.

So what is our method? All of our programs, consulting and engagements tap into the same method. Whether its a Business Model Workshop, our Two Feet Program, our Bespoke Consultancy services or our Investment Readiness Program, we help businesses at all stages of development. From the start-up phase, right through to well established businesses. We help them bring in to focus their mission, the business and financial model that helps them deliver and the management team that makes it all possible.

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Who We Are

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Our Team

Bessi Graham

CEO & Co-founder

Bessi started TDi on the back of her desire to amplify impact in the world by helping capital flow to those creating great outcomes. Equally comfortable blasting cheesy pop music through her speakers or on the stage presenting her ideas as a thought-leader in the impact investment world, Bessi is always working to bring out the best in the team.

  • Co-founder of Benefit Capital
  • Board member at Social Impact Measurement Network Australia
  • Designer of the NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund

Paul Steele


Paul has been working in the social enterprise space before the term impact investment’ entered common usage. A serial entrepreneur with experience in a range of industries, Paul has worked extensively in the philanthropic and social enterprise sectors in Australia and overseas, leveraging philanthropic capital for greatest impact.

  • Co-founder of Benefit Capital
  • Executive Director at Ethical Property Australia
  • CEO of donkey wheel Foundation

Anthea Smits

Deputy CEO

Annie takes any challenge head on and is a major problem solver and change maker. Although she spends a lot of time in the South Pacific, her favourite place is at home with her kids, eating ice cream.

  • Board member at UrbanLife
  • Founder of the 2h Project
  • Former National Sales Manager, Walt Disney

Anna Moegerlein

Pacific Investment Readiness Program Lead

Anna is constantly pioneering new ways of international development and is promoting community owned ideas. Between being in the South Pacific and Melbourne, Anna is happiest in nature and would love to take Buddha to dinner.

  • Senior Associate at Wendy Brooks
  • Former Senior Consultant in Strategy & Public Policy at Nous Group
  • Worked in Strategy & Evaluation at Adventist Development & Relief Agency, Kenya

Meagan Williams

Two Feet Program Lead

Meagan loves lighting a spark in people and she’s certainly a bright spark in TDi office. When she’s not playing with her dog Wilco, Meagan is watching re-runs of The Nanny or spending time in the great outdoors. She’s currently seeking a dinner date with Michelle Obama to discuss driving positive change.

  • Former Business Manager, Global Leadership Foundation
  • Former leader of the Welcome Dinner Project, Victoria
  • Graduate in Social Impact, Swinburne University

Ash Peplow Ball

Head of Partnerships and Communications

Ash works at TDi because she loves being surrounded by passionate people who are part of something bigger. She is happiest when she is snowboarding or practicing yoga, her favourite place in the world is Mexico City and is motivated by innovative solutions to shared problems, and haloumi. 

  • Former Impact Creator at Engineers Without Borders
  • Global Advocate at Mama Hope
  • Red Cross Victorian Youth Advisory Board Member

Caroline Sanz

Enterprise Consultant

If you’ve met Caro, you know she’s always empowering people to unleash their potential and achieve things they never thought possible. A Spanish & Brazilian fusion, she’s a lover of culture, design and aesthetics and is a gun in the kitchen. So her ideal dinner date is no doubt, Heston Blumenthal.

  • Graduate in Masters of Development (Research), University of Sydney
  • Former Associate Consultant at Chandler Macleod Group
  • Former tutor in Mission Australia’s Migrant Education Program

Ben Sandhu

Enterprise Consultant

Ben wants to change the conversation around business. A Perth boy, he’s happiest by the beach or when he’s about to snowboard down a mountain. Ben gives stuff a go and isn’t afraid of failure. Loves to listen to Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman’ whilst he’s changing the world.

  • Former Associate at Bethnal Green Ventures, London
  • MBA Graduate, University of Westminister, London
  • Former Campaign Associate, The Global Poverty Project

Andrea Glueck

Office & Project Manager

Andrea works at TDi because she wants to change the world, and she keeps us all under control at the same time. She’s happiest with her sons, playing in the snow, growing her own food or running bare feet through nature. (PS. She’s also an incredible glass artist!)

Bismuth Hoban

Reception & Administration

Biz keeps all the little pieces moving in our calendars and in the office at large, and will probably be the first face you see when you come through our door. In their spare time, they’re an innovator in the field of weird new cupcake flavours, and a prolific reader.

Georgia Gibson

Communications Coordinator

Georgia is our resident word weaver who wants to spend her life working for organisations that take the future seriously. She dreams of her days cycling around Copenhagen, loves being by the beach and wants to swap stories with Meryl Streep and Gloria Steinem over a glass of Tempranillo.

David Newman

Communication Design

David makes all our work look ten times more beautiful, he’s an artistic wizard. He’d love to have a yarn with George Orwell over dinner, and dreams of days in small coastal Spanish towns. We’ve never met someone who can eat so many muffins in one day.

Jacqui Ralley

Finance Officer

Jacqui is the holder of all knowledge at TDi and has the highly sought after keys to the basement of donkey wheel house. Her favourite place in the world is Cambodia and her perfect night out is a musical (preferably Wicked), and dinner with Donald Trump (dead or alive!). 

Jack Emery

Financial Consultant

When someone asks Jack why?”, his response is why not?” This attitude has taken him throughout South America, but also means he’s balancing his Monash degree and crunching the numbers for us at TDi. 

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