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social purpose organisations

We help NotForProfit leaders build new and stronger business models that balance financial sustainability and impact.


Social organisations deliver so much value to society, but in a changing landscape they need the financial models and innovative thinking to futureproof their impact. We help you imagine how to evolve your organisation’s business model to be more enterprising while staying true to your core visions, values, and principles.


They present as partners more than
consultants. That’s how we see ourselves, so
we appreciate that.”

– Raine, CBM Australia

How we help

As a group of creative practitioners, entrepreneurs, and innovators, we are driven by a deep belief in the power of business to achieve change. TDi provides social impact consulting and business modelling for Not-for-Profit social organisations to deliver both social impact and financial returns.

Strategy Partners

Developing a strategic vision for your future

Business Modelling

For financial sustainability and impact


and internal capability building 

Strategy Partners

We work alongside NFPs and social purpose organisations to develop a strategic vision for the future. Together we explore the story so far, engage stakeholders, and articulate the future you want to create.

​Our approach is highly relational, dynamic and iterative. We support the team to stay grounded and strategic, amongst the ambiguity of a changing landscape. Together we explore, design, test, and refine a strategic future and direction.

This can involve:

  • ​Refining your Theory of Change 

  • ​Stakeholder engagement and gathering insights 

  • ​Support to clarify and articulate the vision, mission and values 
  • Reimagining your impact, financial, and operational models 
  • Coaching and internal capability-building to support the transition 

“TDi have a strong sense of how to provide really clear strategic direction and asked the most valuable questions… they nurtured me as a leader and helped me to develop confidence in the strategy throughout the process.  

TDi were able to be the eyes and ears to the things we were struggling to see with clarity, and gave us a clear path forward for how we could grow the organisation towards its new strategy.”

– Brigid Canny, Executive Director, YLab

Business Modelling

for Financial Sustainability and Impact

As innovators with deep social sector experience, we help NFPs explore new initiatives, products, and services . 

Our approach explores financial sustainability and impact together – we call this blended value. We will help you drive for opportunities that deliver blended value, staying true to your mission while developing sustainable pathways forward. 

We take the time to clearly understand your context and vision, without making assumptions. We work with you, not for you, to help you design, build, or pivot to impact  and business models that support you to achieve your mission, equipping you to ensure the sustainability of your new initiatives.   

We explore your:

  • Mission: The core social and/or environmental impact you are trying to achieve  
  • Model: The business model that allows you to deliver both financial and social returns  
  • Management: The capability to deliver  
  • Mindset: The internal culture and mindsets that are critical to success  


“Staring down the barrel of some really strategic decisions we thought: we need to find a partner that can take us through this ambiguity and help deliver us into a position of strength. I couldn’t recommend The Difference incubator more wholeheartedly, as someone who can help a for-purpose business optimise for impact scale, so that they can help more people.

TDi is what I would call a non-traditional consultant. And that’s really good because they’re solving non-traditional problems.”

– Mitch Wallis, founder and CEO of Heart On My Sleeve


and Internal Capability Building

Change and transformation of an organisation requires inner, personal development of the individuals involved. Our business and mindset coaching supports your team to continue to innovate and implement your business initiatives while facing the challenges of the NFP environment.  

Through authentic relationships, we become your sounding board and offer practical support.

We help to hold the dream, while running reality checks and measurement for business and impact outcomes.

We help you to be bold and ambitious, while engaging the entrepreneurial skills of prototyping, experimenting, testing, and learning to design initiatives that can deliver impact and financial returns.   


“They coached me through my thinking and assumptions, and some of the beliefs I held about what was possible. They encouraged me as a leader to open my mind and think more broadly, and they also validated some of the things I inherently knew about YLab and what we needed. 

They held my hand throughout the process – the relational element that I had with the team at TDi was a key part of the success of this project.” 

– Brigid Canny, Executive Director, YLab

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