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YuMi Tourism Partners: A shared value project

YuMi Tourism Partners: A shared value project

There’s no ‘one mould’ for the work that we do with government and corporate partners to create shared value.  YuMi started as an idea between Carnival Australia, TDi and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).  Carnival described their challenge of bringing local, meaningful, cultural experiences to their customers at ports around the Pacific. TDi, from experience working in the Pacific, noticed the continual challenge for local Indigenous entrepreneurs being locked out of the market by big international corporations that they were unable to meet or access contracting regulations. DFAT were looking to 'prove out a new model’ for delivering Aid and Development.  They wanted to develop sustainable Indigenous businesses that could become a successful enterprise in their own right. These three challenges formed the basis of the question ‘what needs to exist in the market to create a different outcome for all parties?’ VIEW FULL CASE STUDY

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