CBM Australia: growth strategy and business sustainability


What was the Opportunity?

CBM’s vision is an inclusive world where all people with disabilities enjoy their rights and achieve their potential.  They are a not-for-profit devoted to breaking the cycle of disability and poverty with people with disabilities in the poorest communities.

From this successful foundation, CBM Australia approached TDi to support it in developing a strategy that would allow it to strengthen the sustainability of its advisory work, prepare for growth within the CBM federation and respond to immediate opportunities in Australia and abroad.

Tell us the ‘Nitty Gritty’ Details…

Preparing for growth would require a practical and achievable plan to bring this new model to life within CBM’s global federation. Firstly, we explored business modelling (for sustainability), workforce and service design, customer validation and measurement and evaluation. Rapid scaling and a robust surplus was a requirement. A key area of focus was a deep dive into staff utilisation, pricing and financial modelling. The answers and the pain points were a surprise to CBM and quite different to what they assumed was happening.

Concurrently, we worked with CBM to plan for the scale up of its advisory work globally through the CBM federation to meet immediate opportunities globally. We used business modelling for replication, conducted initial testing and design of the model with an internal audience and presented an actionable high level plan to members of the international leadership team. In order to enable a rapid co-ordinated global response, grow trust internationally and ensure equity throughout the federation, adaptive organic resilient systems tools were introduced with success.

The Outcome

At the conclusion of our time together, CBM had a future business model, evidence-based customer understanding and value propositions and a workforce and service re-design. It had developed a high-level road map to realise its future model and support duplication, triplication and scaling.

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