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“It’s very hard to be what you can’t see.

I believe we need a new way to work and do business. I need a guide to help explore possibilities and create a new future”


We provide business modelling and impact consulting for businesses looking to make a difference for people and the planet. As a group of creative practitioners, entrepreneurs and innovators, we are driven by a deep belief in the power of business to achieve change. We bring diverse voices together to generate and support new actions towards societal wellbeing.

We believe that building more sustainable and equitable businesses not only contributes to solving big societal issues, but also improves business performance.

We’re here to help business leaders to make that happen. Through strong impact driven business modelling and powerful conversations between the business, government and community, we demonstrate that it is not just possible to do good and make money, but that it makes good business sense.

We do this through a basis of empathy, relationships and creativity. We help business leaders to create new models that are fundamentally good for business and address real social issues. Blended Value is at the heart of what we do.

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Innovation Partner

‘We know that purpose-led companies outperform competition but it’s hard to align everyone and find ways to enact our purpose that actually make a difference.’


Traditionally we work in silos – separating doing good and making money. TDi inspires design thinking and innovation to develop business models that bring these two worlds together. We facilitate difference makers to deliver a blended value of public good and commercial value. TDi is an innovation partner to business, government, Not For Profits, philanthropy and social entrepreneurs. We help assess opportunities, ask powerful questions to unearth what’s really going on and blocking the way. We design pilots to test and validate new models and product offers. This is done with the express intention of delivering innovation which holds both social and commercial value.

Building Capability

‘We’ve set our vision, we’ve designed our business model but we keep coming up against the same challenges and we’re not able to move our idea to the next stage.’


 Sound familiar? At TDi we work with social entrepreneurs and Not For Profits to help them to assess and strengthen their business model and their own capability gaps. We work together to identify and map a way forward while coaching leaders in the process.


Enterprise Design & Strategy

‘How do I turn my great idea into a solid business model with a plan? I need help to explore possibilities and create a new future.’



TDi provides strategic and practical guidance for those with good intentions but no road map to get there. We work with you to assess the genuine social impact and how to design, test and validate the business model to deliver the good you have to bring to the world.

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Social Enterprises

Develop a solid business and impact model so that all parts of the business work together for success

Not For Profit

Build stronger and more sustainable business models to support your vital work in the world


Create Shared Value models that are good for business and genuinely addresses a social issue.


Implement market based approaches to poverty reduction, job creation and inclusion


Find new ways of assessing and strategically structuring grants to social enterprise

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