Meet our WOW participants

The Women of the World (WOW) program begins in the new year. TDi in partnership with Contribute Group will run this pilot program to support migrant and refugee women to run sustainable health education businesses that meet the health literacy needs of their own communities.

Below we introduce you to some of the participants.

Meet Alba

Alba is Syrian, and has been in Australia for ten years. She is an accredited interpreter, speaking three languages (Arabic, French and English) and within Arabic, can speak many subset dialects. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and young children. She shared her own story of struggle as a new parent in Australia with little English. She said she only had one small book in Arabic to refer to in relation to parenting and didn’t know what to google. This created some challenging and stressful times for her and her husband on top of being newly arrived.

Through this experience she understands the need for the Parentmedic© product and has a passion for giving back in this space. Alba would love to run her own business with the freedom to manage her own time. She said of Parentmedic©:


“this content is critical – it is a treasure”.

Meet Reham


In Egypt, Reham was a registered architect running her own business. When she came to Australia in December 2015, she focused on serving in community service roles while slowly working on getting her Australian architectural registration. Reham is interested in the WOW program because she’s a self-professed extrovert, who’s interested in health and caring for others.

Further, she has a vision and a passion for Parentmedic© – believing she has the network and understands the need to take it big.

WOW is supported by Ecstra Foundation, an independent charitable organisation committed to building the financial wellbeing of all Australians within a fair financial system. Read more about the WOW program here.

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