Introducing 2017’s Melbourne Two Feeters!

This week marks the launch of Two Feet 2017, with our first sessions taking place in Melbourne on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then next week we will meet our Brisbane and Sydney cohorts. We’re really excited by the range of businesses taking part in Two Feet this year and the potential for impact that each of the enterprises have. Read on to meet them!

Melbourne Cohort 1

Urbanlife Community have been in operation for a decade. They act as a community hub and centre where any person can go for support, conversations or resources.

விருந்து Tamil Feasts are an enterprise supporting recently settled Tamil asylum seekers through food, culture and celebration. Their thrice weekly hosted dinners at CERES are prepared and served by those seeking asylum; members of the public who attend learn about Tamil heritage, the refugee experience, can offer their support and help create community.

Farmwall want to transform our cities into ecosystems that are healthy and can grow food. They do this through the construction of their vertical, edible gardens (the farmwall) that are built for local cafes and restaurants, so that chefs have access to fresh produce and food can go from farm-to-plate instantly. They are also looking to build small scale aquaponic farms in urban areas.

Farmer Incubator are helping grow the next generation of farmers. They’re addressing the combined issue of an ageing farming population and a young generation who want to break into agriculture but don’t know how, or don’t have the means. They do this by running programs that help young people to crack into agriculture in a low-risk way.

Two Square Pegs help small businesses and startups to build their team. They do this by connecting them with a community of skilled professionals who want to work for conscious small businesses. They promote collaborative, flexible work arrangements.

The Centre for Mindful Living are yet to launch but are looking to open a mindfulness centre in their community of Ballarat. The centre will be a hub for local allied medical professionals to come together and help the community using mindfulness. They also want to run workshops and group therapy sessions.

Speakers Bank are the brain child of Annecto, an organisation that supports people and communities to connect, to realise economic, social and cultural participation. Speakers Bank is their platform of professional speakers who experience disability or old age, their aim is to inspire people with their talks while also providing work and meaning to the lives of the speakers.

Melbourne Cohort 2

Commune & Co are pitching their business soon! Stay tuned for more info.

Social Impact Legal work with for-purpose businesses to help them get their legal and governance structures right, so that they are set up to succeed and can have greater impact.

Tilt Magazine is a free, quarterly publication, focused on supercharging the better business movement. Their magazine can be accessed by desktop, mobile and tablet devices and provides inspiring stories about change makers in Australia. They exist to provide greater marketing and media support for social entrepreneurs, to help them scale their impact.

Kakadu Plum Co. are bringing a new flavour to our plates. The Kakadu Plum is said to have medicinal qualities, and Kakadu Plum Co. are bringing this to our cities, while educating us about the abundance of foods we have growing in the Australian bush. The team behind Kakadu Plum Co. are working on a new venture, so stay tuned!

The Australian Red Cross are working on taking the international volunteer training that they currently run, and connecting that up with real aid work and international volunteer opportunities that do not harm but build and leverage local community capability.

Fish Community Solutions help small charities to become sustainable through education, coaching, strategy and support, so that they can do better business. Fish Community Solutions like to say that they help their clients improve their worlds, so that they can in turn improve ours.

Melbourne Farmers Market bring fresh produce directly from those who grow it, to communities around Melbourne. Their weekly or monthly markets markets around Melbourne aim to promote biodiversity, sustainable farming practises and strengthen the relationship between farmer and consumer.

Customer Empathy Interviewing

When was the last time you asked your customers what they thought? We use Customer Empathy Interviews to help businesses deeply understand their customers and design competitive products and services. It’s also been one of our top coaching tips for business owners...

Pivoting your business model during a crisis

A conversation with Geert from FarmWallGeert Hendrix founded FarmWall in 2016. Farmwall is an agrifood-tech startup that designs urban farming technology and experiences to enhance fresh produce accessibility in the city. In our constantly developing world, the need...

Business During COVID-19: In perspective

At TDi, we believe in the significance and power of small business’ and social enterprise’s contribution to life and the economy. It is this belief that drives us to support them now more than ever.

Working from Home

It’s one thing to make the choice to work from home, but it’s another to be forced to for reasons beyond your control. Even the seasoned work from homers are feeling the pinch in this time of forced isolation – I am no exception!! Oh, and throw in supervision of remote learning for your children and it’s even more challenging.

Surviving the campsite in the COVID-19 crisis

Two weeks ago, I shared with the team an analogy of a campsite. I reflected that our house has burnt down and we are struggling to reconcile the shock and the grief of all that is happening. I shared with them that I’ve been thinking that we need to set up camp, for now while we figure out how to reinvent for the new normal. We have a temporary place of residence and it’s not what we would have chosen but we can create from it. So, for the past two weeks, we have been focused on getting the campsite set up, trying to work out where stuff goes, who’s sleeping where and how to trade out of a tent.

COVID-19 Support Options Available for Your Business

We have compiled a comprehensive list of support available to Social Entrepreneurs, Not-for-Profits and SMEs in Australia.

Navigating upheaval: our last 7 days

Like most small business and NFPs we only just began to comprehend the wholescale impact of the Coronavirus on our business and the Australian economy last week. Within 7 days it hit us hard.

Koongarra cultural tourism: creating experiences and opportunities in Kakadu National Park

Meet Difference Maker James Morgan and cultural tourism entrepreneur. James was a participant of our most recent Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) Accelerator Program. “I feel privileged to have an education, but I had to move away. I want to create more...

The hidden value of creative industries: bringing life to many economies: International Women’s Day 2020

It fascinated us that creative industries aren’t included in Papua New Guinea’s GDP, in fact there is very little data to understand the economic impact of creative industries in PNG. This is staggering considering that creative industries represent $US2.250 Billion in the global economy (World Economic Forum, 2015). This includes all creative industries including visual arts, media, TV, music etc. Other research suggests Handicrafts contributes around US$32 Billion to the global economy (The Aspen Institute Artisan Alliance) but this is a difficult figure to nail down when whole economies don’t even count handicrafts in their GDP.

Other interesting facts from the World Economic Forum’s study found that Creative industries are more inclusive employers employing more youth (15-29 years) than any other sector, employ a higher percentage of women compared to other sectors globally and small business makes up a large portion of this sector as well. In the US artists are 3.5 times more likely to be self-employed.

TDi enters a new stage of consciousness and clarity

What is TDi? This is a question we are asked all the time, and have struggled to answer with real clarity. TDi started as a private quest in response to societal problems, long before it became a public conversation which culminated into the entity today we call The...