Holiday Reading Recommendations

The TDi team spend a lot of time reading (or listening) to books and podcasts throughout the year. This year has been out of the ordinary, to say the least, so our reading and watching suggestions for this holiday season are a mix of fun and educational – just to match the mood of the year!

Carlo Demaio

Carlo is the proud Dad to a 1 year old daughter, so his recommendations reflect the most important role he plays.


Elisa Stone

Like so many of us, Elisa was working and doing remote learning with her 9 year old son this year – needless to say, not a lot of reading was happening in her spare time. But one book that Elisa found this year that she read with her son was about PNG and the area of East New Britain where Elisa spent some time in 2019 with Shannon on the YuMi Tourism Partners Program. There were a couple of others that Elisa recommends:


Anna Moegerlein

Anna has been on a personal journey this year, exploring her family heritage along with her twin sister. She shares some interesting resources that have really made her think about how our family history shapes us.

Isaac Jeffries

Isaac is often our go-to when we want good recommendations to challenge our thinking and broaden our toolkit of resources.


Annie Smits

Annie has a broad listening and reading reportoire, but like the rest of the team this year, she has enjoyed these podcasts and books.


Erin Wallis

When we’re working in the office, it’s common to see a book on Erin’s desk and it’s always good to hear what her latest read is. This year, among some Netflix binging (I think that we’ve all done that this year), she recommends these reads.


Shannon Gibbons

With homeschooling and sorting out the logistics of two young boys, Shannon hasn’t dived into too many reads this year – even though she is in a book club, she often shows up without having read a line for the monthly choice! Instead, she has listened to quite a few podcasts and recommends these.


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Meet Difference Maker, Ruth

Ruth has worked closely with us on several projects including the Laikim Sister program, as well as our ongoing work with bilum.

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Meet our WOW participants

We introduce you to some of the participants of the Women of the World program, due to begin in early 2022.

PNG Local Business Coach focus: Mari Ellingson

Empowering women in business is something we’re very passionate about. So when we get to build local capacity in our women-led business coaching program it’s even more exciting, as the potential impact is so much greater. Mari is one of our Local Business Coach...

Women of the World

Women of the World – a cohort business program offering economic independence and health literacy programs for migrant and refugee women.

PNG Local Business Coach focus: Mary Handen

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Business and mindset coaching offers key to covid recovery for women-led businesses in PNG

TDi are working with PNG Women’s Business Resource Centre to recruit and coach a total of 100 women-led SMEs (or deliver 800 hours of coaching) over four rounds of coaching from May through to December, with an average of 200 hours of coaching per round. Alongside, 4 Local Business Coaches are being trained in TDi’s method to continue to support women-led SMEs in PNG. Here are the results for the first of the four rounds of coaching.

What 10 years and deep curiosity has taught us

Last year TDi celebrated 10 years, and over that time we’ve had the opportunity to travel with a number of organisations and often get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on. Recently, TDi’s CEO Anthea Smits, had the opportunity to reflect on what the past 10 years and deep curiosity has taught us. This article is a reflection on our top 6 learnings.

Meaningful Conversations about Reconciliation

This month’s Meaningful Conversation coincided with the start of National Reconciliation Week so we took the opportunity to explore the notion of reconciliation, and particularly this year’s theme which invites brave action.

Using the Business Model Canvas

When it comes to creating a new business, one question looms larger than all others: “Does this have potential?” The Business Model Canvas is a great starting point. This blog by TDi’s Isaac Jeffries describes how to fill out it out.