The TDi team is made up of a group of

highly autonomous and talented individuals, who are committed to social and environmental justice, and who each have their own ‘superpowers’.

We like to work hard. We have held on to our start-up mentality of piloting unique solutions, learning testing and pivoting fast.

We are serious about the ‘why’ behind our work. We get together once a month over wine and cheese to discuss the deeper things behind our work.

At the moment, we are working out of the co-working space Inspire 9 in Richmond, which offers a variety of perks including fabulous coffee from the café style coffee machine!

Want to know what it’s like to work at TDi?

We liken ourselves as the midwife to new models, we are a movement and a rally cry for a new inclusive economy.

Pioneers, adventurers, rebels

We are seasoned rule breakers, challenging systems that don’t work. We embrace the unknown for we know it leads somewhere better. We believe that change happens on the edges, and we use this to inspire new centres. 

Spirited & creative but we mean business

Call us soul searchers, mad scientists or boardroom ninjas, we’re a bit of all of that and more. We are the translator across worlds. We are in the dirt and alongside; practitioner-led but system savvy.


Part of the change

The world requires a new type of leadership. We approach problems from a position of vulnerability, empathy and become open to the process of change, changing us. We embrace our both/and qualities – we’re loud and soft, tough and warm. At home in the village hut and in the board room.


Ordinary extraordinary

Beyond our everyday ordinariness is a vitality, a desire to make a difference that makes us extraordinary. We believe the same about you – you are already standing on a mountain of value found in your story, your sense of purpose and belief that people matter.


sound like you?

TDi aren’t currently recruiting.

Feel free to get in touch or connect with us on Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram and be sure to check back for future job openings.