At TDi we are first and foremost practitioners, with a deep belief that you can do good and make money simultaneously. It’s from this starting point that we help drive you to greater clarity, equipping you with the insights you need to design, build and run a business that can do good and make money.

Our rigorous method will help draw out the gaps and opportunities as well as the assumptions in your thinking and model, allowing us to map out the journey from your ‘as is’ to your ‘future state’ business.

Whether you have been working on your business for some time or just starting out, we would love to jump in and help you.

We work with individual entrepreneurs through to large not-for-profits and every­one in between.

ExploreGreat Ideas

Are you looking to explore the potential of doing good and making money, but not sure where to start? We bring deep experience in helping people spot great ideas and build business models around those ideas. During this stage we are exploring what is possible, identifying the assets, or core capabilities, that exist within your organisation. These assets form the basis on which we identify leverage points that unlock the foundation of a sustainable model. We help you articulate your Mission and use the Business Model Canvas to assess for desirability, feasibility and viability while ensuring alignment to your Mission.

RefineViable Models

Have a good idea, but need to test and refine it before you invest time and money? We will help you spot the gaps and assumptions in your business model and develop a plan to address them. This stage can include testing your value proposition and price with customers; better understanding your market and key competitors or better understanding a new supply chain. We' drill further into your business model, and financials, to ensure that at the end of this stage we have a level of confidence that your concept is viable. At the end of this stage we will have a preliminary product or service, a business model and early stage thinking around the social outcomes that is ready for further work and refining in the market.

Build Working Examples

Are you ready to jump in and take your product to market, but need some support to respond to market feedback or remove other roadblocks? The Build stage is where you get to commit to taking the next step and really “jump in”! We expose the product or service to a bounded early stage market. Throughout this stage we help you do further testing and building to respond to feedback from customers and other key stakeholders. We create further clarity around Mission and outcomes measurement frameworks.

GrowInvestable Opportunities

Have you got a viable business model, proven at a smaller scale, and looking for investment to grow your business? During this stage, we will work with you to assess your level of 'investment readiness' and develop a plan to get you there. This might include re-designing your business model, clarifying your social outcomes framework and metrics, or supporting you to prepare financial modelling and documentation for investors.Throughout this process we work in partnership with our sister company Benefit Capital to secure investment partners. We only take you through this process if we are confident we can deliver an investment outcome.

Where We Work

Our team are experienced in building blended value business models - where the financial sustainability and social or environmental impact are equally balanced. The TDi team have deep experience in the not for profit, social enterprise, impact investment and strategy consulting spaces, combined with an uncompromising commitment to achieving what many people think isn’t possible - doing good and making money.

We’re always available for a coffee to chat about how we might be able to help you explore sustainability within your business model, frame the future strategic focus of your organisation, or test the viability of new ideas.

Get in touch with our team leaders, Meagan & Anna, to find out more or chat about how TDi might be able to assist your organisation...

Meagan Williams

Team Leader

Anna Moegerlein

Team Leader

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