Are you an entre­preneur trying to build a sustainable business?Are you looking for support and insight from others who have been there before?

What is Two Feet?

All entrepreneurs face hurdles in their business journey. Often they question their purpose and where they’re putting their effort, and both their business model and management team are challenged. To survive these difficult times, they and their business need to learn to stand on their own two feet.

We place emphasis on creating connection and community for all of our Two Feet cohorts. Many entrepreneurs understand the feeling of being isolated and lacking community; we seek to create an environment where entrepreneurs are supported and around like-minded people.

TDi developed our Two Feet program as an accelerator where enterprises can drive to clarity, build their capacity and maximise their potential for building an investable business all in a supported environment. Our curriculum has been intentionally designed to suit any business seeking to do good and make money.

There is a lot of talk in the market about the gap between enterprises seeking investment, and impact investors. TDi’s programs get results and are actually closing that gap. Some Two Feet enterprises in the past have gone on to take part in our Investment Readiness Program, to take them to that next level.

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Location & Dates

Melbourne Cohort 1 2nd  May   —    10th Oct
Melbourne Cohort 2 3rd  May   —    11th Oct
Sydney 9th  May   —    1st  Oct
Brisbane 10th May   —   2nd  Oct

Often it’s hard to get the right input early in your journey as a start-up. Two Feet is the perfect foundation on which to design and build your enterprise.

Refugee Talent

From refining your intention, to articulating your value proposition, to investment and finance fundamentals, the Two Feet program offers a solid curriculum for start-ups to establish the key foundations for successful and sustainable business.
     For start-ups, it is vital that they can stand on their own two feet in business as quickly as possible. Start-up Refugee Talent was born only months before joining Two Feet; co-founders Nirary Dacho and Anna Robson approached TDi’s Two Feet program in their very early days, seeking guidance to develop and grow their enterprise idea.
     “The sessions taught us about different aspects of a business such as branding, marketing and governance, and helped us to work and build on each of these in Refugee Talent as we went through the program”, Anna says.

     Refugee Talent is a social enterprise and online platform that matches refugees who are looking for work, with local companies offering positions and opportunities. They run ‘speed dating’ style events where refugees and employers are connected. Refugee Talent are helping refugees gain meaningful employment and are enabling people to use their skills and experience to be financially independent and empowered. On the flip side, the businesses that hire through Refugee Talent are increasing their diversity.
     Anna says, “there are many different aspects to running a social enterprise and the Two Feet program covers all the important functions you need to be successful. I would highly recommend the Two Feet program to any social enterprise looking to grow”.
     Refugee Talent grew massively through the Two Feet program and took on investment.

When you’re a few years in and your business is growing it’s great to be able to connect with like-minded people and get input on what to do next as you take your business to the next level.

Yevu Clothing

When YEVU joined the Two Feet program in 2016 they had already been operational for three years. Founder Anna Robertson was looking for greater exposure to the social sector in Australia and was attracted to the Two Feet program’s balance of business and social impact, “I craved being around like-minded enterprises that were purpose driven”.
     The Two Feet program is first and foremost, a community. For the duration of six months each enterprise is part of a close-knit cohort. Anna says, “running a social enterprise can be isolating, sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing, you make it up as you go. So being around other people that are doing similar things or are in a similar situation, because my industry is quite different, has been really rewarding”.
     YEVU is a clothing line produced entirely in Ghana, West Africa.

The social enterprise focuses on economically empowering disadvantaged small businesses and people in Ghana by creating full time, reliable jobs and sustainable income. This is directly helping to address urban poverty in Accra, Ghana's capital. YEVU place a high emphasis on professional development, focusing on capacity building with their teams in both the technical and creative processes that are behind their line. We love what they do.
     Despite YEVU not being a start up, and having years of operational experience on hand, Two Feet was beneficial to the enterprise.
     “I think it’s helped me create a roadmap for the future, as cliché as that sounds, it’s guided me to know what I need to be doing to be sustainable and sound, and a healthy profit for purpose business”.

With changing funding environments and ever-evolving markets, sometimes what once worked for your business just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whether you’re seeking alternate revenue streams or just need help to think differently about the sustainability of your business, Two Feet can help.


Youthworx joined the Two Feet program as a well-established business with almost a decade behind them. Despite already having many successes, the enterprise was ready to re-jig its business model to ensure long-term sustainability.
     Manager Jon Staley says, “it is very tough and at times lonely building an enterprise from scratch and sometimes you need to stand back and re-connect with the bigger picture of why you are doing it and also find new tools to move forward.”
     Two Feet was an opportunity for Youthworx to step back, find new tools, connect with others tackling similar questions and reconnect with the big picture.
     The program contributed to the Youth-worx team re-modelling their business infrastructure to create some new roles and re-shape their existing roles

Jon says, “I anticipate that this will help us grow significantly over the next three to five years”.
     Youthworx is an enterprise based in Melbourne that trains and employs young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in creative and commercial film and radio production. The enterprise are providing highly engaging training as well as meaningful employment opportunities, creating sustainable career paths for the young people in their programs.
     Two Feet is an accelerator for businesses at all stages of development, Jon found that the program helped to keep him hungry, engaged and connected with his business, and asking the right questions.


Week Task Outcomes
01 Welcome / The
Wellbeing of the Entrepreneur
Meet your cohort and TDi’s Team. Explore how to sustain yourself and your team as you build your business.
02 Intent Clarify your articulation of why your organisation exists which will become a touchstone to judge if the business you’re building is aligned to your intent.
03 Customer Focus &
Value Propositions
Identify what it is about your business that is of value to different customer segments and learn how to communicate your value better.
04 Piloting and
Learn how to use piloting and prototyping in ways that help you design, test and refine your business and outcomes cheaper and faster.
05 Theory of Change Flesh out your theory behind the changes you’re part of creating as a result of your work. Spot the gaps in your logic and identify areas where you need to strengthen your Theory of Change.
06 Business Finance
Gain confidence in the fundamentals of your business finances.
07 Investment Fundamentals Insights into the types of investment available and what type of money is most appropriate at different stages.
08 Funding and Pitching Better understand the funding landscape and how to target your pitch to different audiences
09 ‘If I knew then what I know now’ Insights into the highs and lows experienced by other entrepreneurs.
10 Team, Governance and
Decision Making
Part of building the sustainability of your organisation comes down to the team you build and governance structures you put in place. Tips and tools on how to do this well!
11 Social Outcome Measurement A simple framework to map out your desired outcomes and the measures that will help you know if you’re on track.
12 Whole of Enterprise
An opportunity to make sure you’re asking the right questions and reporting on what really matters. Gain a framework that ensures management and the Board have the information they need to make informed decisions.


The full cost of Two Feet is $15,000 per enterprise (for up to 2 participants, additional fees for extra people). TDi are thrilled to be able to provide subsidised places in 2017 in partnership with the National Australia Bank (NAB). Limited subsidised places available for only $5,000 + GST.

TDi has partnered with Fitzroy Academy to offer all participants in Two Feet a six-month subscription to the Fitzroy Academy online tool at no additional fee. Fitzroy Academy is loaded with lessons and information for social enterprises and not-for-profits bringing an added richness to the educational experience.

Money-back Guarantee

We are so confident that our Two Feet program gets results that we are offering you a money back guarantee! How un-social sector is that?
Every enterprise that participates in our six-month accelerator program will leave with a clear understanding of:

  • The critical elements needed to build a sustainable business
  • The specific gaps in their current business model, and
  • What to do next on their journey towards sustainability.

If you’re not 100% satisfied that you have achieved these results we will give you your money back. It’s that simple.

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