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The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is at the centre of everything we do at TDi. It’s the platform that allows us to be creative, and explore new ways of doing business, aligning doing good with making money.
The TDi team have guided over 300 enterprises on their journey to becoming sustainable businesses that consistently deliver social and financial returns. We call this blended value.
Over a two day interactive and engaging workshop, we will help you deconstruct the Business Model Canvas and your business, and explore opportunities where you can grow your impact and maximise your returns. 

Caroline Sanz and Ben Sandhu will be delivering our Business Model Workshops in 2017

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Our highly experienced team have worked with hundreds of enterprises and know first-hand how to identify sore spots or leverage points in a business. They know the power and drive that impact-driven entrepreneurs hold deep down and are passionate about adding fuel to that fire.
These workshops are designed for start-ups, growing enterprises and established businesses. The workshops help gauge the viability of prospective ventures, as well as those that are already operating but which require assistance in exploring and designing their business model for future sustainability.
The workshop is also a great first step if you’re thinking about taking part in our Two Feet program, or you want to learn more about TDi’s method for proving you can do good and make money.

This workshop is a must do for any new and upcoming social enterprise, it will save you time and money, in addition to giving you greater clarity on your idea.”

— Alex Drew, Mr GP

To register for a Business Model Workshop, please click on the session date that you are interested in. You will be redirected to our Eventbrite page to register and book.

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